Top 4 Things to Do in Northumberland

Northumberland; rolling hills, smiling faces, and oh so many beautiful places. When most people think of Northumberland they think of Newcastle, but Northumberland has so much more to offer. From historic castles,  a world class art scene, and incredible outdoor adventures. Northumberland, like this guide, has something for everyone to enjoy.

Alnwick Castle

Recommended Time: 3-4 hours

Alnwick castle, most famous for its on-screen film and television appearances, is a perfect afternoon out. While wandering around the grounds you may notice people running around on brooms. Yes, you read that correctly brooms. You can sign up for free  broom training lessons included in the price of your admission. The castle is most famous for its role in the Harry Potter films. The green was used in scenes where Madam Hooch teaches the students quiditch in the first film and the exterior of the castle was used as bits of Hogwarts throughout the second film.

A doorway of a historic castle in Northumberland England

Cragside House National Trust

Recommended Time: 1/2 day

The home of hydroelectricity, Cragside house and its extensive 40 miles of walking paths, make for a great day out. Start out with the six-mile drive and stop along the way. I would definitely recommend the labyrinth walk if you have young ones. After the drive grab lunch at the cafe at the visitor centre. Head over to the house after lunch and see how Lord Armstrong pioneered using water for electricity.

The front of a National Trust house in Northumberland

Angel of the North

Recommended Time: 20/30 minutes

Perhaps the most iconic photo spot in Newcastle. the Angel of the North stands over the city. A little bit outside of the city but well worth a pit stop.

A boy sitting on the grass with a dog in front of the Angel of the North in Newcastle

Farne Islands

Recommended Time: 3/4 day

The Farne Islands Nature reserve is one of the best family friendly activities in Northumberland. Catch a boat in Seahouses, we used Billy Shiels, and head over to either Staple Island or Inner Farne (depending upon weather). The best time of year to come is late May to late July, during mating season. Be warned during this time the Arctic terns may dive bomb you, not kidding, so bring a hat.

Puffins and arctic turns in the Farne Islands

Although I’ve narrowed it down to four  there is so much more than just these few. I compiled all of the locations featured in this guide plus some extra spots you might enjoy here:

Heading to Northumberland soon? Comment where you are going and I can give you some extra tips!

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